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Who are TiPS members and what do we do?

We are a group of like-minded information professionals from central government, local authorities, government agencies and non-departmental government bodies across the UK, including some independent taxonomy specialists, who have a common goal to share best practice in building and applying taxonomies and thesauri. We use our taxonomies and the terms in them to organise our information resources so that people can find them.

How often do we meet?

Usually 4 times a year

How is the meeting structured?

It is a full or half-day meeting spanning the lunch hour to include useful but more informal information exchange. The agenda varies in its format but will often concentrate on a specific topic and quite often a vendor is invited to demonstrate a product linked to the theme of the meeting. To date the meetings have all taken place in London where the majority of our members are based, but our membership is not confined to the capital, and we have representation across the UK.

What's our track record?

The members combined have a wealth of experience and understanding in building corporate taxonomies for use in intranets, internets, electronic document record management systems and leading and advising project development in this discipline. Many of us have spoken at international conferences. At meetings we share this experience, to help each other tackle problems and do our jobs more effectively.

What do we produce?

On this website you'll find links to our survey of taxonomies in the public sector, a bibliography, and other practical resources we are developing. We also sometimes submit advice to the Cabinet Office on relevant issues.

Do we have any influence?

We are recognised as an authoritative body, and as such do influence the decision-making and direction taken by the e-Government Unit, (part of the Cabinet Office).

How can I become a member?

Prospective members are invited to e-mail or phone 01793-555083

Does it cost anything to join?

No it is free - just your time and the travel costs.

There is no membership fee, but we do ask and expect that members commit themselves to contributing to the outputs of the group.

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